kad Group

Kunststoff Acryl Design GmbH (kad) based in Essen is owner managed and one of Germany’s biggest makers of acrylic plastic furniture. Top-quality products “made in Germany” are manufactured in the heart of the Ruhr region in a factory covering around 2,000 sqm. We consider flawless materials and manufacture essential. No product leaves our works without quality checking. Quality, flexibility and brief delivery periods are just a few of our strengths.

The range of goods and services kad offers includes making furniture of acrylic plastic (Plexiglas ®), series manufacture, processing of plastics for industrial products and trading in semi-finished plastic products.
Furniture has been sold under the registered brand name Edelber since September 2011.

kad specialises in processing plastics and trading in them. We process all thermoplastic materials as well as aluminium and thermosetting plastic.


Our range of goods and services

Our range of goods and services includes turning, milling, welding, shaping, gluing and other forms of processing plastics employing state-of-the-art CNC and manual machinery.

Tailored manufacture and production of small quantities for industry, trade, industrial exhibition furniture, interior decoration, boat building and medical, storage tank and mechanical engineering.

We can make exhibition furniture and hoods of acrylic plastic as tombstones for future events with lettering and labelling.
kad can handle all the plastics engineering processes involved, from
· giving advice to managing suppliers via planning and manufacture.
· The company can also produce single, series and tailored items of furniture using acrylic plastic and other materials on a contract basis.
· Trading and processing Plexiglas® and other plastics.

75 years experience in this business and the use of the very latest manufacturing processes enable us to react flexibly to the needs of our clients. kad’s entire expertise is available to you, whether you’re looking for a single item to be made to your design or economically viable large series.